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We are delighted with the progress the Registration Council has made in moving forward over the last year. It remains the only truly inclusive independent registration body, welcoming all that are prepared to uphold the standards set by the national CAWC Code of Practice in regard to dogs, be they an individual or a related organisation.

The Code sets standards of accountability which we are working towards ensuring in practice. Signatories are already providing a link for their clients and others to give direct feedback on their services, and now they are working with us to build their professional profiles in stages, for the greater good and benefit of the public.

Our research demonstrated that more than 90% of Practitioners believe that National Registration is the way forward to raise standards within the dog training and behaviour industry, and now is the time to commit to that belief under the national Code, regardless of other memberships and affiliations.

We also aim to promote a cohesive network of industry organisations and charities, to appreciate each for their individuality and their good work towards advancing animal welfare, as well as recognising the part each plays in supporting both the work of, and the training of, Practitioners and through them, the public.

RCDTBP March 2017

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The Registration Council has the responsibility to manage and hold the official register of Signatories to the CAWC Code of Practice

 in regard to dogs. In doing so, it aims to unite all practitioners, service and course providers, related membership organisations

and charities; promote all efforts to advance animal welfare, and increase individual understanding of training, behaviour

and the canine-human relationship, whilst monitoring services to benefit and protect the public.

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Welcome to our website

The Registration Council for Dog Training and Behaviour Practitioners (RCDTBP) is the United Kingdom’s independent organisation set up in 2010 to manage the CAWC Code of Practice and all that it entails. The Code sets industry agreed minimum professional standards for all those involved with providing a dog training and or behaviour service, and as such holds the official ‘Register of Signatories’ agreeing to be guided to it.

In managing the Code, the Registration Council offers:

On this site the Public will find information on finding appropriate training and behaviour services, secure that all listed Practitioners and Providers are committed to maintain the professional standards set by the CAWC Code of Practice and reassured by the feedback facility offered. Practitioners and Providers will find information on registration and committing not just to the Code but being prepared to work as part of a network to ensure that the dog-owning public and training enthusiasts receive the most suitable service for their individual needs.

Practitioners will also find that the Council is committed to give guidance and support to help all in their search to advance their own knowledge and skill. Related Organisations will find information on mutual Affiliation, to be appreciated for what each has to offer and to help ensure animal welfare is a priority and the public benefit from the provision of a good service.

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