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The CAWC Code is not just a piece of paper, it is a personal commitment to the standards set by it. In implementing the Code, the Council has provided professional profiling and public feedback facilities, to meet future and professional demands. The Registration Council is not a business, it is a not-for-profit organisation run on a voluntary basis, and registered as ‘RCDTBP Community Interest Company’ number 11941540

All individual practitioners are influential in the education of the public, and as such, we (practitioners) need to unite and offer mutual support and guidance to help ensure everyone provides most appropriate service in the best way possible. Having attended a recent consultation meeting on licensing and responsible ownership, many are encouraging action on further regulations. This is not a competition but at times, with so much confusion, it feels like it. The RCDTBP is all inclusive and welcomes all related organisations and individuals committed to animal welfare and responsible ownership, regardless of other affiliations.

RCDTBP Update April 2019

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The Registration Council has the responsibility to manage and hold the official register of Signatories to the CAWC Code of Practice

 in regard to dogs. In doing so, it aims to unite all practitioners, service and course providers, related membership organisations

and charities; promote all efforts to advance animal welfare, and increase individual understanding of training, behaviour

and the canine-human relationship, whilst monitoring services to benefit and protect the public.

© All content copyright of RCDTBP Community Interest Company

(Registered not-for-profit CIC number 11941540 limited by guarantee)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Registration Council for Dog Training and Behaviour Practitioners?

The Registration Council for Dog Training and Behaviour Practitioners is the UK's Independent Organisation, which was set up specifically to hold and manage the register of Organisations and Practitioners who wished to sign up to the Companion Animal Welfare Council (CAWC) Code of Practice for Dog Behaviour and Training Practitioners (2010). It is managed by an Executive Committee (see 'About us'), who have been constantly seeking the views of many active Practitioners to update processes.

Why was it set up?

A CAWC report published in 2008 expressed concern that many people set themselves up as Dog Behaviourist/Trainers with no formal training or recognised national qualifications. This often resulted in the dog owning public receiving a very poor service and sometimes finding that they and their dogs are worse off as a result. Clearly this needed some form of regulation but in the absence of government legislation, a body was needed to continue the work of the Companion Animal and Welfare Council (CAWC), tasked to set up, maintain and be responsible for a Code of Practice in relation to dog training as well as to maintain a voluntary register of the Organisations and Individuals that were committed to abiding by that Code. (see 'About us')

What does it do?

The Registration Council manages applications for registration as a ‘Signatory’ to the CAWC Dog Behaviour and Training Code of Practice for Practitioners. and deals with any complaints about its Registered Signatories, instigating investigation and a grievance procedure if necessary. It provides links to its member Organisations and Individuals through its' various registers and profiles.

How does this help the dog owning public?

Registered Organisations and Individuals are available to offer unbiased and impartial advice on all aspects of dog training and the modification of behaviour. Any registered Practitioner who falls short of the Code of Practice in their service provision can be reported to the Council for consideration. The Council accepts feedback as constructive and offers guidance to all to ensure good practice.

What is the Companion Animal Welfare Council (CAWC)?

CAWC is an independent organisation, funded to carry out research into areas of concern over issues of animal welfare. With lack of further funding CAWC has been suspended and the website is not currently available, together with several reports and links to valuable research. This includes the report published in 2008 and Code of Practice 2010 referred to frequently. The CAWC website did however state: “The management of the CAWC Code of Practice, including the registration of Organisations and Individuals wishing to sign up to it, are the responsibility of 'The Registration Council for Dog Training and Behaviour Practitioners'. The RCDTBP was founded to manage the Code in respect to dog training and behaviour services, which will include the welfare of other animals in relation to dogs.

Who can join?

Registration is open to all dog trainers, dog training instructors, canine behaviour advisors, students and those training to become a Practitioner, dog training associations, associated canine course providers and other registration based interest groups whose prime function is focused on dog training and behaviour.

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