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Having attended a consultation meeting on regulations on 27th Sept 2019, we are even more confident that the basics of everything that attendees referred to is already in place, and can easily be developed further. The CAWC Code seems widely acknowledged but the RCDTBP, founded in 2010 to hold the registers of Signatories to it, seems to have been a little lost in the ether.

In implementing the Code, the RCDTBP inclusively provides all individuals with a structured profile to register and build knowledge and experience, and together with the public feedback facility offered, it aims to help ensure every practitioner meets, and continually develops to meet, the professional demands of the industry.

The RCDTBP works on positivity, and our processes identify those for what they ‘put in’ to the industry, the profiling provides criteria to both recognise expertise and help all to develop.

RCDTBP Update November 2019

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The Registration Council has the responsibility to manage and hold the official register of Signatories to the CAWC Code of Practice

 in regard to dogs. In doing so, it aims to unite all practitioners, service and course providers, related membership organisations

and charities; promote all efforts to advance animal welfare, and increase individual understanding of training, behaviour

and the canine-human relationship, whilst monitoring services to benefit and protect the public.

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We are delighted to announce, that after over a year of research and revisions for holding and better maintaining the Register of Signatories to the CAWC Code of Practice, and following overwhelming support for voluntary regulations, we re-launch the Registration Council for Dog Training and Behaviour Practitioners (RCDTBP).

We are now in a position to move forward in two stages and ask that you bear with us as processes are proofed and web pages are activated.

Stage one:

a) Registration of Individuals - to register (and re-register) all those who are supportive of voluntary self-regulation of the sector. All Practitioners are now invited to register, formally committing to taking ownership of their personal responsibilities under the Code, and during stage one, benefit from a lower initial registration fee.

b) During this stage we are also working on building lists of Related Organisations to cover the following categories: Membership Bodies & Course Providers; Activity & Working Groups; Welfare Groups & Charities and other useful information sites.

Stage two:

a) Registration of Service and Course Providers - to promote the Services of all who are committed to the Code, and declare understanding of their responsibilities to the Council and to the industry.

b) Affiliation with Related Organisations - to register mutual support in building a cohesive network, to promote the Code and further support of both the work of, and the training of Practitioners.

We are not in competition with any other organisation, we simply look forward to fulfilling the potential of the Registration Council to meet the demands of its purpose, uniting all to promote best practice, promote animal welfare and protect the public.

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